Caribbean space: a North South interface

Pedagogic exercise

Plotting the North-South divide across Caribbean space sometimes poses a problem, especially when using a large-scale map.

Albeit little utilised until recently, statistical analysis accompanied by the use of graphs, and encompassing different development criteria, can assist in a better understanding of the North/South divide found within this fragmented space, where history and geopolitics have often introduced confusion into maps.

The graph that follows, produced by plotting a cluster of points, allows the reader to better visualise the existence of groups of countries with very different characteristics. Clearly, the final groupings proposed are subject to discussion.

References used: UN, 2003.


Certain territories under trusteeship are not included in the graph because of a lack of available date (Puerto Rico, Anguilla, Montserrat...).

Different stages in creating the graph


Author: Yvan Bertin
Translation:  : Louis Shurmer-Smith